Sideqik Collaboration

Build more meaningful partnerships and streamline workflow with your influencers.

Whether you are a team of one or thirty, manage your influencers in house or use an agency, Sideqik’s end-to-end solution seamlessly integrates with your other channels to provide influencer marketing at scale for maximum ROI.

Screenshots of Sideqik dashboard showing collaboration tools

Automated Campaign Tracking

Group your campaigns by date range and keywords to automatically fill our dashboard to provide a snapshot of your campaign progress. The dashboard includes influencers involved, number of posts, engagement, earned media value, ROI, and more.

Payments and Commissions

Whether you need to pay your influencers for content created, sponsorship fees, or using a variable commission structure- seamless payments to influencers can be made directly from Sideqik.

Multi-Account Management

Scalability for your influencer marketing across multiple brands, properties, or accounts is easier than ever. Streamline access and data between your brands and accounts by accessing everything under a single account. Features include centralized billing, shared influencer notes, and more!


Whether you prefer emails or DMs, message your influencers directly from the Sideqik platform with our Gmail and Twitter messaging integrations.

We’ll automatically thread the messages (regardless of where the messages are coming from) into an easy-to-view to keep communications in a central location for your entire team.

Animated slideshow of how to communicate with influencers in the Sideqik dashboard
Sideqik dashboard screens showing influencer management options

Track and manage content

Through both direct messages and email, you can contact influencers, send creative briefs, and check on the status of posts. Attach media files like contracts or payment logs in the notes system. Need to recall information about a specific influencer and your relationship history? Not a problem – it’s all stored in Sideqik.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets and disorganized email chains. Everything you need to communicate with your influencers in one place – send direct messages, emails, and even attachments from the Sideqik platform.
Screenshot of Sideqik influencer collaboration screen


Sideqik’s Influencer Relationship Manager lets you keep an at-a-glance record of all the influencers you’re working with across multiple campaigns or initiatives. Customizable groups let you organize and identify influencers however you choose.

You can group influencers by what product they work with, their geographic region, which account manager they speak with or anything else.