Sideqik Galleries

Sideqik Galleries allows you to extend your influencer and social campaigns to your website and other online properties. Automatically aggregate a feed of social media content by campaign, promotion, keywords, or manually select content to showcase.

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Using our easy-to-use Gallery builder, you can determine layout, size, and the order you want your content to be presented. The Gallery builder will provide java-script code to be embedded on your webpage.

Highlight UGC

Whether you want to promote your own content or your user generated content – Sideqik Galleries allow you to pull in image content from social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

Increase Your Reach

Based on the networks algorithm, once a post is published to a social news feed it could lose its momentum and reach within hours. Having a feed of content on your website or other online properties gives your content a second life. 

Easily Moderate Content

See a full gallery in the Sideqik platform of the content that matches your criteria. Easily approve or reject content you would like to appear in your live Gallery. 

Here is a preview of what embedded galleries look like:

Lenovo X Taylor Swift

Universal Music Group


Cloud Mix - Rose Gold

Hyper X