Influencer Marketing for Health & Fitness

Successfully promoting wellness starts with building trust with your target market. Audiences take their health and fitness seriously, which is why it’s crucial that brands work with influencers who have cultivated that authenticity and credibility in there audiences. Leverage that existing trust built with an influencer’s audience to promote your products.

Sideqik Health and Fitness Influencer bios and demographics

Promote Wellness with Influencer Marketing

The Sideqik influencer marketing platform helps health and fitness brands identify influencers that align with the brand’s message and values. Automatically track ROI and influencer performance by earned media value, revenue, or other conversion metrics from online activity.

Our database gives you access to over 20 million social influencer profiles ranging from celebrities and mega-influencers all the way down to nano-influencers with less than 1,000 followers across several interests. Our open platform allows you to add influencers who aren’t already in our database.

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Screenshot of Sideqik Platform dashboard showing audience demographics

Identify Partnership Opportunities

Sideqik’s robust audience data showcased partnership opportunities for a global athletic wear brand. The brand launched a collaboration with a well known lifestyle/leisure fashion brand.
The audience data in Sideqik showed audience compatibility and alignment based on different demographics.
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Earned Media Value
Sideqik platform dashboard screens showing health and fitness influencer profiles