Fitness Apparel Brand

Local Activation for Store Openings

With over 460 retail locations around the world, this fitness apparel brand needed a way to drive awareness and traffic to their new store openings. 

How a fitness apparel and retail brand activated locally to drive business.

Our client is a global retailer for athletic-wear, lifestyle apparel and accessories, that sells their products online as well as in over 460 stores internationally.

To continue to grow their brick-and-mortar retail locations, they wanted a way to reach shoppers in each market.

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The Game Plan

The brand’s social media strategy focuses on partnering with people that completely embody the lifestyle, values and enthusiasm of the brand, while discovering new fans and ambassadors of the brand in different areas of the world.

To streamline their social media strategy across multiple countries and continents, they utilize Sideqik to identify influencers who align with their brand while using the platform to launch promotions in an easier, more effective way.

In addition to vetting influencers for potential partnerships, the retailer uses Sideqik Discovery to find people in certain geographic areas, using Sideqik’s influencer network information to expand their fanbase into new areas. The brand uses this strategy to locate influencers and fans around brick-and-mortar locations, encouraging them to attend new store openings or events.

For this particular store opening, they identified local influencers and invited them to the grand opening. In lieu of payment, influencers received store gift cards to purchase merchandise and share content from the store opening to create an experience their followers would appreciate.


Sideqik provided tools to find new influencers, superfans and accounts of similar lifestyles to the retailer’s brand. By searching through specialized hashtags, they were able to discover people with an established dedication to the brand, allowing the retail brand to utilize their love of the lifestyle for future giveaways, store openings and additional promotional campaigns. 

Targeting influencers near their latest store opening, they leveraged local influencers to promote the store opening in exchange for store credits to purchase apparel. Measuring the earned media value generated against the amount of store credit issued, the brand experienced a 211% ROI with 22 local, fitness influencers.

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