Sideqik & Coca-Cola

Success through continued influencer relationships

Hand holding a Coca-Cola bottle in front of a glacial lake

Coca-Cola uses influencers to connect with digital natives and create brand love around specific passion points. This case study looks at how Coke vets influencers over the course of a year through product deliveries, an escalating scale of Coke-branded swag that helps the company find true friends of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola used Sideqik to quantify the results of their influencer strategy and winnow down influencers until they had only the best. Learn more about it in our case study below.

Coca-Cola and Sideqik Logos
"I've never seen a tool that was that simple to use, that not only is easy to use but also gives us very accurate information. It shows us what happened when and what it generated for us."
Alban Dechelotte
Senior Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola