The Influencer Marketing

While there are plenty of options out there to help you better run your influencer marketing campaigns, it’s important that you are set up with a tool that meets all of your needs, is customizable per campaign, and provides you with the reporting you care most about to make better marketing decisions and easily track the revenue you generate.

Take a closer look at how Sideqik stacks up against some of the other influencer platforms out there.

Sideqik dashboard Ideation page showing options for influencers based on search

Sideqik vs. The Competition

Influencer Marketing Platform Discovery Functions

Discover and vet influencers

The core of influencer marketing relies on finding the right partner. The influencers you choose to work with define your campaign and act as an extension of your brand. When looking for that perfect match, Discovery allows you to search for relevant influencers with easy keyword search functionality. Search by interests, location, brand affinity, and more. 

Customer success approach

We believe our CSM team is one of the best in the business. We pride ourselves in becoming an extension of your team. As a customer of Sideqik, you will have full access to our customer success team to maximize your strategic investment.

As you build your campaigns, ideate on content approaches, or consider your partners we can help you to kick off every campaign with confidence in its success.

Influencer Marketing Platform Onboarding Functions

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A Platform that does more work for you

Track creator progress, no matter how many of them you’re working with. Send individual messages within our client, or send a bulk message to everyone. Customize your influencers into specific groups to measure them by conversions, engagement, or any other metric you want. Make your most complex campaigns simple with a few clicks.

Full picture reporting

Group your campaigns by date range and keywords to automatically fill our dashboard to provide a snapshot of your campaign progress. The dashboard includes influencers involved, number of posts, engagement, earned media value, ROI, and more. With our workflows, you can customize metrics to report on only what matters most to you.

Influencer Marketing Platform Performance and Reporting Functions

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