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Are you ready for Black Friday 2017?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Your marketing campaigns have been running. Your deals have been set. It’s time for Black Friday once again. Last year, spending between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday came in at $12.8 billion, more that 15 percent higher than in 2015, according to Forbes.

So what’s on the horizon for Black Friday 2017?

Mobile or Bust


Devices play a key part in consumers’ spending habits over the next week. Forbes reported that 60% of shoppers use their phones to do research, even if they’re in a store, to look up product information, compare prices or check reviews.

Beyond the research, almost 40% of sales on what used to be the brick-and-mortar shopping weekend occurred on a mobile device. That’s on track to continue in 2017.

It’s not just this weekend

There are other big shopping days beyond the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend. The second Monday in December, sometimes called Green Monday, has become the highest online sales day for the month of December.

RetailMeNot also predicts December 2, 9, 10, 15,  and 17 will be big shopping days this season, so don’t give up on your digital marketing strategy after the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten.

Who’s expected to win?

It’s not surprising, but analysts predict Amazon, Target, and Walmart will be big winners this holiday shopping season. All three companies have increased their digital presence, including their mobile capabilities, so they’ll do well this weekend.

Fashion, electronics, toys, jewelry, and unexpected predictions from RetailMeNot include restaurants and entertainment and travel will do well this spending season.

How to Cut Through the Noise

Consumers are checking everywhere from search engines to newspapers to find the best deals. The best way to make sure your product stands out is an old standby: word of mouth marketing. If you’re using influencer channels, be sure they continue to post even after Black Friday is over. The retail holiday kicks off the season, it isn’t all of it. If you want to amp up your campaigns, consider creating buzz through promotions or giveaways. Need to launch something quickly? We can help with that.


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