Expanding Your Brand Through Twitch

Twitch has quickly become table-stakes for any company looking to get in front of some of the more difficult demographics to reach. With it’s live streaming capabilities, Twitch currently has 76% of the marketshare compared to Youtube and Facebook. Plus, it has an increasingly diverse demographic, with a growing amount of disposable income as gamers in 2022 can be any age or income level. And if you’re targeting gamers, the platform you should be focusing on is Twitch.tv.

So whether you’re targeting a niche market or looking to expand to a more broad audience, Twitch has to be a factor in your marketing plan.

Twitch Influencer Marketing

Twitch is ripe for marketing. The platform gets so much engagement and many Twitch influencers have enormous followings. Plus, since few marketers are on the platform right now, you have the chance to make a big impact with less money.

Twitch influencer marketing is just like other types of influencer marketing with the exception that the promotions are live streamed instead of using images or recorded videos. It’s a powerful tool that requires a clear understanding of how to leverage your effort and how to measure the results from that effort.

Using Sideqik data to measure & optimize your Twitch Marketing

Sideqik’s influencer platform has more data than any other social data provider. Our platform allows brands to use our AI-powered search to find streamers and influencers, create your own influencer pool or ambassador program, and scale your efforts with your top creator talent.

  • Use audience demographic data to identify influencers and partners to work with
  • Automatically track earned media value and conversion data to show ROI from partnerships
  • Launch codeless promotions easily from the platform to engage your fans

Learn more about turning Twitch into your lead engagement tool with the Sideqik platform and request a free demo.

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