How Complexity Gaming Brings in New Players, Monitors Growth, and Measures Partner Impact with Sideqik

Complexity Gaming is one of the longest standing esports organizations in North America, and one of the most successful and well-respected. Established in 2003 by Founder and CEO Jason Lake, Complexity has won over 140 championships across 30+ different games.  Now owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and investor John Goff, Complexity is working to grow and professionalize the esports industry overall.

But even an organization as established as Complexity needs a strategy for sustainable growth— the kind that allows them to reach even greater heights without ever losing the identity that makes them one of the world’s premier esports organizations.

To achieve those goals, Complexity has embraced the power of Sideqik’s influencer platform to achieve the player and partner reach they want and the level of reporting, data insights and monitoring they need.

Finding the Perfect Players

The strength of an esports organization comes largely from its players. Since its founding, Complexity has taken pride in its players-first mentality. Today, the Complexity team uses the Sideqik Discover platform to recruit new players. The advanced tools available in Sideqik allow them to search for players based on the specific games they play as well as other metrics— audience size, engagement, and more. Complexity can then recruit these players to their network and invite them to join the organization.

The Power of Robust Monitoring & Reporting

The tools available in Sideqik go beyond influencer and player search, and Complexity has perhaps benefited most from the platform’s robust tracking and reporting power. 

Through Sideqik, Complexity can monitor growth and engagement, better understand the demographics of fans following their players, and track the level of engagement on specific content. This isn’t just a great way to see how well their players and influencer partners are performing, it also helps the organization make content decisions and better understand details of their audience. It empowers them to create both short-term and long-term strategies based on real data and then execute those strategies to perfection with robust insights and reporting along the way.

Measuring Partner Impact

Partner marketing is another major aspect of Complexity’s ongoing strategy. They’ve regularly partnered with big names for campaigns designed to boost exposure and affinity for their organization, including a recent account takeover with GameStop. They also frequently collaborate with esports tournaments during competitions.

Tracking exposure and other metrics during these partnerships is essential. Sideqik’s advanced reporting and tracking tools allow them to determine the exact impact of specific partners and campaigns, helping them make critical decisions about how to proceed with partnerships in the future.

*Not a Complexity screenshot, an example of a dashboard available.

Want to learn more about how Sideqik helps brands and organizations recruit partners and influencers, track engagement, and monitor the impact of their marketing campaigns? Contact us today.

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