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Tap into Twitch, the fastest-growing streaming platform

Twitch has grown rapidly in recent years, quickly becoming one of the largest social media platforms, with Twitch users watch over 1 trillion minutes of content on the platform every year.

Sideqeik helps you reach the 31 million daily active users on Twitch and create new opportunities in your marketing.

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Use Twitch to target hard-to-reach demographics

Millenial & Gen-Z males are notoriously difficult to effectively target – running Twitch marketing campaigns through Sideqik makes it easy.

Our robust audience analytics breakdown the ages, gender, race, and even income to ensure your influencer’s audience aligns with your target demographic.

Twitch users also engage heavily with the platform, with the average user spending about 95 minutes per day on the platform. 

Expanding your reach and your engagement has never been easier.

Use our automated creator-vetting tools to create, manage, or scale your global ambassador programs

Create forms to screen influencers quickly and accurately, or even automatically.

Streamline your relationship with influencers by using our tools to quickly message, track, pay, and share materials with all your creators.

Unlock the best reporting in the industry

Get the latest and greatest reporting for Twitch through our sister company, Steamhatchet.

Our platform makes it simple to measure the success of your campaigns and optimize them over time to better achieve any marketing goals, whether that’s growing ambassador program, launching a new game, or anything else.

Post frequency, average engagements

Earned media value by network

Other brands mentioned

Top keywords


Reach by networks

Brandsafe Rating

Top interests

Top hashtags

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Boosted Twitch analytics - fueled by Stream Hatchet

Misfits Gaming is a global, professional esports team with players that compete in tournaments featuring games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and more.

It’s well established that Stream Hatchet, a Sideqik sister company, has the best Twitch data in the industry

If you’re launching a game and need to track downloads…

If you sponsor an esports team and need to track clicks…

Or if you just need a way to measure how many eyeballs landed on your brand…

Sideqik (boosted by Steam Hatchet) should be your go-to choice, with advanced analytics to help you easily measure sales, impressions, sentiment, direct ROI, and more.

Sideqik x Stream Hatchet’s Twitch analytics track:

Twitch influencer marketing stream hatchet sideqik reporting data
Sideqik influencer card showing average ROI and FTC compliance of a potential influencer

Instantly translate better data into better campaigns

Streamhatchet’s reporting is now directly served into Sideqik’s platform, giving you superior reporting in an instantly actionable environment.

Take the industry’s best data and quickly utilize it to launch smarter marketing campaigns, all from within the Sideqik’s intuitive user interface.

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