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Some thoughts and thanks after Venture Atlanta

Here at Sideqik, we like to think of ourselves as a thoroughly Atlanta company. We had the opportunity last week to speak at Venture Atlanta, which reaffirmed that identity.  The conference is the Southeast’s premier event for connecting technology innovation and investment capital. Beyond that, it was a great way to see Atlanta’s most innovative professionals, a group that we consider ourselves a part of.

Our VP of Business Development Tree McGlown highlighted our growth, our experience, and our unique solution to today’s marketing challenges when he pitched. Our inclusion in the event recognizes us as one of the fastest growing startups in the Southeast. Therefore, we’d like to thank everyone involved with the conference for giving us the opportunity to present. Much like we’re committed to helping marketers, we’re committed to giving credit where credit is due.

Tremain McGlown presenting at Venture Atlanta

We’d like to congratulate the other presenting companies who took the stage. It was an honor to join innovative companies from across the region. We’d also like to acknowledge the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) — the state of Georgia’s technology incubator — which had 13 of its portfolio companies and graduates selected to take the stage at Venture Atlanta 2017. Also, it was also great to see nine Atlanta Tech Village companies presenting — our former home is a great incubator for innovation.

How we got there

Venture Atlanta selected Sideqik as one of 35 companies presenting. We were selected from a large pool of applicants that represent the region’s most innovative tech businesses. If you haven’t heard, Sideqik’s data-driven software platform offers a complete solution to influencer marketing.  AI-powered technology enables customers to discover ideal influencers and measure their impact. Additionally, we focus on customer success and continued collaboration.

Atlanta as a city is becoming synonymous with technology. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to represent our team, our investors, our mentors and our city this year. Through presentations, networking, and a general atmosphere of innovation, we met many great companies and leaders. Now, we’re looking forward to connecting with more people. Regardless, we’ll continue to spread the gospel of influencer marketing to more and more industries.

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