Coca-Cola influencer content

Here's what Coca-Cola has to say about influencer marketing — Case Study

Here at Sideqik we think our customers know best. Ahead of publishing…
national soccer game

3 Reasons Sports Brands Rely on Influencer Marketing

Sports brands typically use influencers for two main goals: driving fans/loyalty and merchandise/ticket sales. But there's a use case that isn't as apparent. Sports brands have to sell their team members as influencers for partnerships.
tiktok influencer marketing

Can TikTok Work for Influencer Marketing?

ay be hard to believe that anything could overtake Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but there’s a new kid on the social media block that is taking Gen Z by storm. TikTok is a music-based app that seems to have replaced Vine as the short-video app of the next generation.
brand voice

How to Maintain Your Brand Voice in Influencer Marketing

Your voice expresses your brand's personality. This is the case…

Organic Influencer Marketing: Turning Influencers into Advocates

Based on the traditional playbook, influencer marketing inherently…
impact radius and sideqik influencer marketing ROI

New Integration: Tracking How Influencers Make an Impact

More than 60% of marketers measure influencer marketing ROI with…
b2b influencer marketing

Can Influencer Marketing Work for B2B Industries?

Instagram influencer marketing spend is expected to hit ~$8 billion…

Social Media Content Marketing: How to Include Influencers in Your Strategy

The rise of ad blockers and stricter ad terms and conditions…

Online Influencers: Influencer Marketing Beyond Social Media

Marketers are vastly more familiar with influencers through social…
The 21st Century Social Circle Ebook

[NEW DATA] Influencers are the New Social Circle: What it means for influencers

Social media technology has come a long way since Facebook’s…
corsair streamer

Corsair, Influencers, and the Creation of an Influencer Network

There’s a difference between reading about the positive impact…
sideqik integrations

An Introduction to Sideqik Integrations: Making Your Workflow Easier

The plethora of marketing tools available online today makes…

The End of Vanity Metrics: What Brands Should Do If "Likes" Disappear

A fundamental part of Instagram is the ability to “like”…