top priorities of online retailers

Top Priorities of Online Retailers

Top Priorities of Online Retailers

The strategies of online retailers have been changing year-to-year as the landscapes of buying behaviors and technological innovations evolve. In the past 5 years, the number of online consumers in the US alone has increased by 5 million each year, with social media sales leading the pack ( The following chart shows the top priorities of online retailers :

technology shopping priorities
Source – emarketer

Mobile usage rates have risen roughly 25% since 2010 and don’t show signs of slowing down; online retailers are adjusting to the growth, naming it as their 2nd priority behind their online platforms.

What Do You Think?

Mobile usage was a hot topic at IRCE this year. Do you think mobile should be broken out as a technology strategy or considered as a part of an overall marketing and e-commerce technology? What do you think the number one priority should be for online retailers?

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