Authenticity: The Most Important Metric For Your Influencers

When you’re hunting for new influencers to work with, you probably start with the usual suspects to make sure they’re a good match. Metrics like audience size, content style, and even overall aesthetic can be a major factor to an influencer being successful for your brand. 

But it’s often the intangibles that make the difference between an average influencer and an outstanding one. Authenticity is the biggest and most important characteristic to look for when you’re recruiting influencers.

Audiences enjoy following influencers with a huge audience and compelling content, it’s true. But when those influencers advertise a product, does it motivate those followers to go out and buy it? If all the influencer does is advertise it while sounding like they’re reading off a script, those followers probably won’t be beating the door down to try your product. 

But if that influencer uses the product in their channels, with content created in their signature style, while explaining how the product makes a difference in their own life? That’s the sweet spot, and a compelling advertisement for your brand.

While authenticity is often an intangible concept, Sideqik’s software suite has found a way to measure it. Whenever you visit an influencer’s profile in our software, you’ll see an authenticity score listed to show you how well they connect with their followers with their content. It’s just another way Sideqik empowers you to search and recruit for the right influencers for your brand with confidence. 

Metrics and analysis are incredibly important for any brand when deciding if your influencer marketing campaign is working. Read more about the metrics options Sideqik has to offer.

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