How to Use Our Influencer Smart Search

So you’ve decided to search for influencers and content creators that are a great fit for your brand. What’s your first step? Without Sideqik, the answer is probably going to your favorite search engine or social media platform, constantly changing your search terms, and making a list in a spreadsheet. 

But how do you know that their content is a good fit for you or your product is a good fit for them? How do you get a fuller picture of what content they create? Not to mention, finding their contact information and putting it into yet another cell can be tedious work. Sideqik’s discovery tools, like Smart Search, solves all of these problems in one streamlined, easy to use platform. 

Smart Search was built to save you time and make your influencer discovery even easier. You tell us topics related to your brand and we will recommend the best creators to work with. Our recommendation engine will continue to notify you when new creators are found that match your criteria. Find influencers of any size from our database of over 60 million profiles across more than 10 of the world’s largest social networks. Our robust audience analytics break down the ages, gender, race, and even income to ensure your influencer’s audience aligns with your target demographic.

Yes, it really can be that easy.

Smart Search also allows you to create saved search queries that automatically update with new results as our database grows. Identify the criteria for influencers needed in your campaign by reach, interests, and more. These saved searches will populate with influencers that match your criteria each day as more influencers are added to our database. If your search for influencers involves more than one criteria or a robust partner pool – you can save multiple searches and group them by campaign or search query.

Even better, once you find an influencer that’s the perfect fit, you don’t have to go back to square one to find more like them. You can use AI recommendations and influencer lookalike tools to find more creators that are similar to your other choices to fill up your list of influencers even faster. With these tools, you can quickly build a list of influencers to contact, with all of their information compiled for you so it’s easy to reference at any time.

Smart Search makes it easy to collaborate with your team and keep track of notes about your influencers. As you review search results, you can add notes for you or your teammates to reference later. Once you find an influencer, you can review their content, view their brand safety rating, and see how engaged their audience is with them. 

Ready to let us help you find the perfect influencers for your business? Schedule a free demo and let’s get started.

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