How Your Customers Can Be Your Influencers, Halloween Edition

Naturally, we normally focus on how influencers can make a massive difference to your bottom line. But with the right product at the right time, your customers can create all the advertising you need for massive success. Sometimes there’s no better advertising than the perfect product.

One big success story in recent years is the Home Depot. Although they sell Halloween decorations as a staple during the spooky season, they took it to a new level in 2020 when they debuted a new product – a 12 foot tall skeleton with red LED eyes. The product was an overnight smash hit, going viral on social media and immediately selling out online and in stores.

Even in 2022, the giant skeleton is still wildly popular, and is already considered iconic by Halloween enthusiasts. If you haven’t ordered one when they’re first released in late July, you’re probably already out of luck for the year. 

And best of all for the brand? It’s known online as “the Home Depot skeleton”, further cementing the brand’s name with the holiday.

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