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Influencer Marketing Hub: Sideqik earns nearly a perfect score

We tell you how great Sideqik is all the time, but sometimes you want to hear it from the experts. We submitted our platform to Influencer Marketing Hub, a site that provides resources and tools to both influencers and marketers and their review is in. The verdict: 4.8 out of 5 stars!

The review is comprehensive, taking a deep dive into every aspect of Sideqik’s user experience.

Influencer Marketing Hub

On our pricing

If Sideqik sounds like something you’d want to use for your influencer marketing (and, spoiler alert: it is), then contact sales. I’d have a hard time believing they aren’t going to be competitively priced, and the platform is definitely worth looking into.

On the vastness of our product

There are quite a few things that Sideqik does that are par for the course for campaign management. Things like influencer management, campaign creation and management, payments, automation, in-depth reporting, and the like are all here. If that’s all Sideqik did I’d spend a bunch of time going over how well they’ve implemented it all. But the platform goes beyond all this and gets into some new territory, so it’s a better use of this space to focus on those unique things.

What are those “unique things,” you ask?

Rather than just some tool that offers a form to fill out, where you define requirements and create a description for any old thing, the platform provides users with “blueprints” for more than a dozen different campaign types, each with a different goals and actions.

Influencer Marketing Hub also highlights our unique discover capabilities, our vast data on up-and-coming influencers, and our rich analytics.

In conclusion:

if you’ve been looking at reviews of competing products, saw their features and are wondering if Sideqik can do those things, the answer is in all probability, “Yes.” But can those products do all these other things Sideqik does? Probably not. This is software that lives up to its name, acting as your true marketing sidekick, handling all the grunt work as you focus on the bigger picture. That puts it in a class of its own, and makes it well worth checking out.

Influencer Marketing Hub review score

Check out the full Influencer Marketing Hub review here.

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