Making the most of your partnerships by knowing influencer audience demographics

You know what an influencer talks about. It’s all over their accounts. But when looking to target the right influencer, don’t you wish you knew what their audience cared about? You can make many more decisions when you know more about your influencer audience demographics.

Speak directly to people who care

By knowing what an audience is talking about, you can make sure you’re speaking directly to people who have an interest in your brand. Sometimes posting on social media can feel like shouting into the void. And that doesn’t change just because it’s an influencer. While numbers like engagement rates can help you know if your influencer content will perform well, a deeper dive into influencer audience demographics can also make sure you’re not wasting your hard-earned influencer budget.

Target unusual influencers

Sometimes picking influencers seems easy. Are you a beauty brand? Go with a makeup influencer. But what if there aren’t massive channels devoted to talking about your space? Then targeting the right influencer can be harder. This is why it matters to know what an influencer’s audience is talking about.

Take Tyler Oakley, one of YouTube’s early bright stars. He’s known for talking about LGBTQ+ issues as well as general life vlogging. With 23.2 million in reach, he seems like a good person to target. But when an influencer is famous just for being on YouTube, it can be hard to know what their audience is particularly passionate about.

Did you know Tyler Oakley’s audience is more than 3x as likely to be talking about restaurants as anything else?

influencer audience demographicsLet’s dive deeper. They aren’t just talking about restaurants. They’re talking about coffee.

influencer audience demographicsAnd they aren’t just talking about coffee, they, like everyone, are talking about Starbucks. By looking at the influencer audience demographics we can see that 15.7 percent of Tyler Oakley’s audience is talking about Starbucks, which is about 4.8 percent higher than a typical audience, according to Sideqik’s data.

influencer audience demographics

Did you think of Tyler Oakley when you think of coffee influencers? Data says you should.

Empower your influencer program with knowledge

In marketing, more data means more power. This is why Sideqik is always looking to add more information to your arsenal. Our new data on influencer audience demographics are just more ways to make your influencer marketing better. That’s because, at Sideqik, we’re always looking to give you all the info you need.

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