Influencer Marketing ROI versus google ads

Reduce Your Reliance on Traditional Digital Ad Spend

As we touched on earlier, influencer marketing has a lot of benefits over one general commercial ad, even ones that millions of people see. The reason for that is simple: while those big, prepared ads have an incredible reach, you really have no reliable way to track how many of those people that see that ad actually go and purchase your product. 

With influencer campaigns, you won’t have that problem. With Sideqik’s platform, not only can you track your content creators’ actively promoting your product, you’ll be able to measure reach, engagement, and conversions with each of those influencers’ known follower base. That way, you’ll know exactly how well you’re doing with the kind of customers you want to reach. 

Influencer ROI is calculated at around $6.50 for every $1 spent. Contrast that with traditional digital ad spend like Google Ads which has an ROI of $2 for every $1 spent, and the math sort of makes the case for influencer marketing. Better spend. Better results. Better ROI. Better marketing.

Ready to get started with influencer campaigns and see the benefits this style of marketing can bring to your brand? Schedule a demo with Sideqik today and find out how to get started!

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