The Most Important Metric of Your Influencer Campaign

Imagine this…

You have finally decided to implement an influencer marketing campaign. You have found a small number of influencers that fit your brand after hours and hours of scrolling Instagram. You are excited to get to work and increase revenue. This is finally going to be the boost your brand needs. You have a spreadsheet set up and are ready to start tracking their performance. Except spreadsheets don’t automatically track the influencers’ conversions and it’s hard to tell where the sales come from, so that’s where you get stuck. 

Being able to track your revenue for each influencer is easily the most important metric of your brand’s success from campaigns. Sideqik provides you with the ability to monitor your customer’s entire purchasing journey. You can track the entire process from initial engagement to conversion at your fingertips.

Sideqik’s end-to-end suite of solutions enables businesses to convert their influencer marketing campaigns and social media accounts into a scalable, repeatable revenue machine. Our discovery tools make it easy for you to find influencers who fit your brand’s vibe and the customizable metrics let you see the results that matter to you. Our e-commerce integrations give you the power to leverage content creation to reach customers more effectively than ever before.

You can see the robustness and ease of our discovery tool by scheduling a demonstration with our team! We’ll be happy to show you how to accurately measure and find the right influencers to boost your revenue.

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