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The Future of e-Commerce

In 2012 Amazon attracted the highest percentage of clicks among all websites. And to no surprise, they are currently the top online retail site. This begs the question: What happened to Yahoo! Shopping? In 2012, Yahoo! Shopping attracted the 5th greatest number of clicks; however, now, they are not a contender for top online retail sites.

e-commerce clicks
Source – Experian Marketing Services

Yahoo! Shopping’s decline in visitors may be a result of the rapid growth of Amazon, which in the past few years, increasing sales by 40 billion from 2008 to 2012! (TheRegister.co.UK), and they are still growing. However, e-commerce has grown substantially since 2008 and most sites have seen large overall gains.

e-commerce visitors
source – http://www.onlinemarketing-trends.com

What do you predict in the future of e-commerce for the next 5 years? Will Amazon continue to dominate the e-commerce marketplace, or will other companies find new ways to compete and innovate?

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