24 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube — part 1

Making a name for yourself on YouTube is easier to achieve than ever before. With higher quality video devices and editing programs, producing professional videos is cheaper and more accessible. However, the quest to be successful on YouTube has led to a lot of competition. The goal of this infographic is to help guide you on how to stand out […]

4 Reasons For A Brand Ambassador Program – Infographic

When it comes to marketing, word of mouth is still king. Many small and local companies still rely on this form of advertising and marketing to grow, but what if there was a way to pool your resources and mix the more traditional marketing practices with word of mouth marketing and build a personal relationship […]

Launching An Effective Campus Ambassador Program – Infographic

Campus Ambassador Programs are a great way for brands to easily recruit future talent and establish a presence on universities. There are a lot of ways in which a well-planned and organized campus ambassador program can benefit your company. From easily recruiting future talent to establishing a brand presence on a university campus, having a well-developed campus […]

How to Use Landing Pages to Improve Engagement & Conversions – Infographic

Landing pages simplify and improve the influencer conversion experience for your prospective customers. They do this by enabling more focused messaging which boosts your quality score and reduces your cost-per-click. But successful Influencer campaigns are about more than simply getting influencers to post content that attract the attention of your target audience. Many marketers falter in […]

10 Rules of eSports Websites

There are so many eSports organizations and so many of them have bad websites. There are many rules of the web that you have to follow no matter what industry you are in. In the infographic below, we outlined the 10 Rules of eSports Websites. Have more rules or things you have noticed on eSports […]

The $1bn eSports Industry

esports industry

Organized video game competitions, or eSports, are quickly growing into a major segment of the electronic entertainment industry. Coca-Cola, American Express, and Samsung are just a few of the major corporations that  are already getting involved in the eSports industry and some, such as Intel, are hosting their own global tournaments. We have been working with […]

Top Brand Influencers of the Consumer Electronics Show Infographic

Each year hundreds of thousands of attendees barge into the Consumer Electronics Show looking for the latest advancements in consumer technology. With over 170,000 attendees last year, there is no other event that gives brands this much exposure and reach. However, it can be really tough to break through the noise at and around the […]

The Top Twitch Streamers Infographic

Twitch streamers are relatively new to the influencer marketing community, but they are definitely here to stay. With the rapid growth of eSports, Twitch has grown bigger than ever and has taken over the game streaming industry. After being bought by Amazon in late 2014, Twitch reached over 16 billion minutes watched per month. With such […]

The Most Influential YouTubers In The World Infographic

What’s it take to be the biggest name on YouTube? The most accepted metric for success on YouTube is the number of subscribers your channel has. But, just like Facebook “Likes” YouTube “Subs” are only half the story.  To find the most influential YouTubers, we ran the top 500 youtube channels by subscribers through Sideqik’s […]

25 Top Marketing Influencers

[popuppress id=”14789″] With Influencers being respected professionals in their fields which consumers turn to for advice, who do marketers turn to when they need to know the latest trends and best practices? Marketing Influencers of course!  But with so many marketers to choose from, finding the best voice which resonates with you can be difficult. That […]

Top 3 Reasons for Startup Failure

You cannot create a problem, you have to solve a problem; While a lot of startups begin very optimistically, there are plenty of postmortems written by entrepreneurs who have all learned the same lesson. Regardless of their unique circumstances, the top reasons for otherwise potential startups falling flat can come from a general lack of research […]

Social Media Comparison by Age and Channel

With so many options for Social Media available, picking the right channel to run targeted ads on can be a tough choice. Everyone uses Social Media differently and with more options coming out every day it’s a lot to keep track of. By seeing who uses what, picking where to showcase your brand becomes a […]