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Instagram has changed its data-sharing policy, here’s what that means

As Facebook struggles to save face in the wake of data misuse by Cambridge Analytica, the social media juggernaut has decided to change the way developers access its data. On March 30, Instagram slashed the rate limit on its platform API (application-programming interface) from 5,000 calls per hour to 200 with no advance notice for developers. On Wednesday, plans to limit the Instagram API in favor of a different interface were unexpectedly fast-tracked.

Here’s what that means:

Instagram was always planning to switch from its platform API to the Instagram Graph API. That rollout was slated for December of this year. Sideqik was aware and planning to handle these changes when the time came. The recent change means we have had to accelerate our plans.

Instagram is now pushing developers to use a much more restrictive platform. The new Instagram API only lets approved partners post at users’ behest, and that can only pull mentions of and analytics about business accounts.

“In the coming weeks, Sideqik has had to accelerate plans that we had in place for the end of the year,” said CEO and Founder Jeremy Haile. “We are working on making it easier for all influencers to connect  with brands and monetize their content via Sideqik.”

“Overall, we’re happy social media platforms are taking the issue of privacy seriously,” Haile said. “We’re excited that brands and influencers will still be able to work together, while the data security of individuals is respected.”

Already, Sideqik has implemented changes to ensure using our platform is as seamless as ever. In the coming weeks, more tools will be available to make sure customers have a streamlined access to the vital marketing data they rely on.

For influencers

Instagram’s changes have made it more difficult for brands to discover influencers on the network. Are you an influencer who wants to connect with top brands? We’ll have a whole blog geared toward you at a later date (so check back in!). But for now, there are two ways to make sure you’re still visible to potential partnerships. The easiest is to sign up for Sideqik’s influencer network so that we can match you with the right brands.

Instagram has also begun rolling out their new API which allows access to information on business accounts. We recommend influencers consider switching their accounts to a business account if you want brands to be able to easily discover you through platforms like Sideqik.

Overall, don’t worry.

Sudden changes can be scary, but at the end of the day, none of this is insurmountable. When using Sideqik, you shouldn’t notice any major changes. While the sudden changes to the Instagram API mean we’ve had to accelerate our switch to Instagram’s new APIs, we’ve taken steps to ensure the impact to our customers is minimal. As always, we’ve got your data covered.

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