Sideqik in the news

Sideqik in the news: A great writeup from Hypepotamus

Following our presentation at Venture Atlanta, we’re continuing to make waves, this time in the publication Hypepotamus!

Sideqik Wants to Help Brands Predict the Next Social Media Star

by Holly Beilin

Some highlights:

A great description of our co-founder and CEO Jeremy:

While entrenched in building technologies to manage social communities, Haile saw the emerging value brands were placing on relationships with influencers — but he also saw a dearth of tools to manage and measure those relationships.

A great comment on where we see the future of influencer marketing going:

“A lot of our customers now are trying to figure out, not just who are the top influencers now, how to track and manage them; but what they really want to do is find out who’s going to be next in that space. So being able to find the next up and coming musician, or that artist, or that influencer that can help you in your market. … What we are building out now is a product with a focus around that predictive portion — being able to tell a brand how much impact that influencer is going to have; being able to tell them ahead of time that that person is going to be huge.”

Signals of things to come for us:

We told Holly our team of 10 is hoping to double in 2018. We’re looking forward to getting and bigger and better to take care of our customers.

The Sideqik way:

“Directors of marketing have more data than ever available to them today, but that doesn’t mean they know what to do with that data,” says Haile. “So we’re stepping in.”

The whole article is great. Check it out here. We look forward to bringing you more Sideqik news in the future!

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