The Most Common Social Media Marketing Trends Of 2018

Social Media has evolved magnificently during the last decade. Be it new platforms, different consumption habits, varied forms of communication and the inception of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. These platforms are always coming up with creative features or affordances that add various new dimensions to their services. These […]

Ways Social Media Advertising Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Many small business owners and professional advertisers hail social media advertising as the holy grail of this industry. Often less expensive than paid advertising with a greater chance of word-of-mouth communication, social media advertising has a lot to offer when done correctly. Unfortunately, most people spend more time thinking about the content and execution of […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy: A Business Start-up Guide

social media strategy

In our generation that is transitioning to a digital and informational one, social media is one of the most used tools by almost everyone in the world for various reasons. Social media has been a perfect tool to achieve success, especially in the industry of marketing. It has been a medium for improving brand awareness, […]

12 Pinterest Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Pins

We just got back from the first Pinterest creator conference, called “In the Making.” It was a great event, and it was amazing to hear the stories of all of the bloggers in attendance — each of them an entrepreneur building a business around their passion, and putting in an incredible amount of work to […]

Three steps to make sure you’re using the right marketing metrics

marketing metrics

If you give a speech to a room full of people, but no one attending remembers what you’ve said and leaves feeling disconnected, was the experience successful? Companies often measure online success through superficial metrics. Instead of chasing likes and views, meaningful interaction with people invested in your brand should be the objective. Make sure […]

Influencers, Pinterest is making it easier than ever to grow your brand

Pinterest new profiles

There’s a new influencer hotbed in town, now that Pinterest is revamping its platform with marketing in mind. Pinterest has added a number of new features aimed at giving influencers more control over their platform. New profile, new insights Pinterest’s new profile has a dynamic cover image that lets you highlight the content you want […]

How to beat the Instagram algorithm

So what is the Instagram algorithm anyway? Basically, the Instagram algorithm favors the photos you interact with. Likes beget views. So followers are shown the content they are most likely to interact with at the top of their feed. That means your content may not be as visible if you don’t post as often. According to Later, […]

The power of one influencer’s voice: How Kylie Jenner burned Snapchat

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

It’s 4:50 p.m. EST on Feb. 21. Just another day for the social platform favored by teens, Snapchat. Then disaster strikes. Megastar Kylie Jenner tweets “Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.” In the distance, sirens are blaring. One innocuous tweet from a reality […]

How Celebrities and Influencers Elevated the 2018 NBA All-Star Game

If you’ve been on social media recently you may know it was the 2018 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. What you might not have realized, is that the game was primed for influencer content. Influencers ranging from celebrities to NBA superfans helped invigorate coverage of the game and ultimately paid off. The 2018 NBA All-Star […]

Analytics Can Revolutionize Your Business

Let’s Talk Business. We live in the digital age. As a small business owner, you have your fancy website. You also have an extensive email list. Sometimes, you write an inspiring newsletter. Your millennial assistant is even on top of your social media! What more could you ask for? (Here’s a hint: it’s analytics.) You almost […]

How to use the internet to succeed at event marketing

If you’re at all involved in gaming online, you probably heard that BlizzCon was last weekend. That annual celebration of all thing Blizzard Entertainment draws more than 35,0000 attendees and hundreds of brands looking to grab their interest. While swag and eye-catching booths are important, the key to event marketing starts at the computer. Example: […]