3 Ways Influencers Can Boost Your Customer Engagement

Opening a conversation with potential customers is one of the most valuable ways to get your brand on their minds. Influencers are a great way to make that connection – after all, those customers you want to reach are already following their favorite influencers. Here’s a few ways an influencer can be the perfect wingman for your brand.

Answer questions about your products. Some customers might not want to put in the time and effort on their own to find out why your product is perfect for them. But when they have a chance to chat with their favorite influencer to ask questions about it? You bet they’re going to jump on that.

Encourage customers to write reviews. Reviews of your product on websites are a great way to convey the value your product brings. But many people aren’t motivated to write a review unless they have an extremely positive or negative experience. An influencer can help with this in a variety of creative ways, from highlighting the best reviews their followers write to informing those customers about the value your brand can offer in exchange for a detailed review.

Promote contests/Giveaways. If there’s one proven way to hook a customer, it’s getting them to try our your product and get hooked. If they like what they see, they will become loyal to your brand. Influencers are an easy way to bridge that gap, and make contests and giveaways more accessible and appealing to potential customers.

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