4 Reasons Why You Need Influencer Marketing

4 reasons you need influencer marketing

On average, marketing teams spend 42% of their budget on content. The success of content marketing largely depends on influencer marketing. Even though tools like white papers, blogs, and webinars can add value to your marketing strategy, having influencers promote your product guarantees success.

Here are four reasons why you should include influencers in your marketing strategy:

  1. Influencers create Authenticity

Influencers know how to tell good stories that capture attention. Even better, they know how to weave your product into that story. While TV and radio ads demand that consumers buy a product, influencers tell consumers how your brand has made their life easier and how it can also benefit your targeted audience.

  1. Influencers attract a wider audience

Influencers help brands attract attention through social media, using the element of trust. By leveraging multiple influencers that have an expertise in different niche markets, brands can reach a wider and much more targeted audience.

  1. Influencers go beyond message guidelines

If you are in to content marketing, you understand the importance of sticking to brand message. However, influencers are not bound to those guidelines and are able to spread your message in an authentic way. Whether by creating recipes or remixing your brand’s product, influencers still maintain your overall message.

  1. Influencers create People Stories

A marketing strategy would be incomplete without a brand story. Consumers want stories centered on individuals, not brands. They are more likely to listen to someone that they trust. A recommendation from a friend is more likely to result in a product purchase than from a TV advertisement. Influencers are the bridge between great products and the people that buy them.

Marketers know that content marketing is important for any brand. Influencers are able to add creativity to your entire marketing strategy and reach people that would have otherwise missed your message.  Don’t get left behind. It’s time to start leveraging the power of influencer marketing.

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