Authenticity and Your Influencer Campaign

You’ve heard the word “authenticity” a million times before. Authenticity is defined as being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. This authenticity is what separates your influencer campaign from being a flop to a great success. Taking the authenticity away from your influencers’ voices can kill your campaign. 

Customers trust someone who is consistent.

An influencer’s audience has likely been following them for a long time and can see an inauthentic ad a mile away. They know how the influencer speaks and sometimes how they think. If you are not putting your influencers in the creative driver’s seat, these customers will see right through it. Only the creator can speak to their audience in the most genuine way. 

Scripting doesn’t work.

Followers will know why a product makes sense for a particular creator. By allowing your influencers to share the obscure details of why they love a particular product, you allow them to share what THEY believe are the true benefits of it. They already know why that product makes sense for the influencer to share. Now, they want to get into the nitty gritty of why it really matters to them.

Allow them to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

Perfect isn’t always the best way to advertise your product. Giving your creators freedom to give a genuine review of your product creates more trust with their audience. It gives the audience a true understanding of the product and how it will work for them. Building it up too much can actually cause a negative reaction because people will think it is too perfect to be true.

While authenticity is often an intangible concept, Sideqik’s software suite has found a way to measure it. Whenever you visit an influencer’s profile in our software, you’ll see an authenticity score listed to show you how well they connect with their followers with their content. It’s just another way Sideqik empowers you to search and recruit for the right influencers for your brand with confidence. 

Metrics and analysis are incredibly important for any brand when deciding if your influencer marketing campaign is working. Read more about the metrics options Sideqik has to offer.

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