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How BALR. streamlines influencer management and builds relationships with Sideqik

Luxury lifestyle brand BALR. sends gift packages to influencers daily, making it nearly impossible to keep track of what’s being posted on Instagram. The gifting strategy makes for great content, with some posts netting more than 200,000 engagements, but as a busy brand, it came with its challenges. Prior to Sideqik, BALR. team members each had their own spreadsheets tracking which influencers they’re talking to and who has posted relevant content.

Now, BALR. streamlines their process and creates institutional knowledge across teams. Sideqik makes it easy to log any interaction with an influencer, so all of BALR.’s social team know who last contacted whom. The logistical headache of launching a brand awareness campaign at scale has been alleviated.

Outside of team efficiencies, BALR. uses Sideqik to run analysis and compare weeks, months, campaigns, and product collections. BALR. uses Sideqik to quantify the success of their campaign through earned media values and engagement rates. Ultimately, Sideqik helps track different brand campaigns to make sure impressions, engagements, and earned media value are ever increasing and that their brand campaigns are improving.

BALR. Influencer Post

BALR.’s Challenges

BALR.’s marketers complained that the hardest part of influencer marketing is relationship management. With a diverse and ever-changing team, it’s hard to maintain institutional knowledge when everyone is working with their own lists, emails, spreadsheets, and documents. “It was almost impossible to see if we have worked with an influencer five years ago, and who their contact person was and why it has ended at that time,” said BALR. Head of Digital Thomas van Mastbergen. “A lot of time we’re in the dark about these things, so an all-encompassing CRM system is very beneficial.”

The Sideqik Solution


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They say time is money, but building lasting relationships takes time. That’s why keeping a single system of record across team members can help institutions build long-lasting relationships with influencers regardless of team turnover by maintaining a single system of record. Sideqik helps create institutional knowledge through notes systems and assignment records, so everyone on the BALR. team is always up to date. Beyond that, Sideqik helps:


BALR. doesn’t pay influencers. Instead, they look for people who influence the BALR. demographic, specifically influencers in the luxury fashion space or sports and athleisure aesthetic. All BALR. influencers are sent shirts, hoodies, or hats in return for visibility, on primarily Instagram, though they occasionally work with other networks. Sideqik’s detailed search capabilities allow BALR. to look for the perfect influencers for their brand. They can narrow in on keywords, hashtags, trends, locations, languages and countless other criteria.


Sideqik helps BALR. manage their pool of talent; keeping detailed records of who they work with, how they posted, what the response was, and any additional details. By using an Influencer Relationship Management platform, BALR. now is able to know if any given influencer has worked well, which team member is assigned to manage them, and even if they decided to terminate the relationship.


BALR. is running a massive influencer program with hundreds of influencers. Sideqik helps track posts in real time. BALR. officials said gift packages are going out daily, so it’s nearly impossible to track the many posts that roll in during any given campaign. And while BALR.s measurement wasn’t their biggest pain point, it is the most rewarding aspect of their campaign. By combining the ease of management and searching, BALR. has helped boost brand awareness and increase visibility on Instagram and other networks.


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Fueled by our team’s expertise in social engagement, Sideqik is the only end-to-end solution that enables brands to find relevant influencers and activate consumers in a meaningful way through – taking you from discovery through to engagement to grow your brand. If you think Sideqik is a good fit for you, schedule a demo.

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