How conversion tracking can change your influencer marketing game

We’ve talked about this before. If you’re using influencers as part of your marketing strategy it can be frustrating knowing exactly how to measure ROI. Luckily, if you’re in ecommerce, there’s an easy solution. The easiest way to measure an influencer is through designated links or conversion tracking. These show clear conversions where someone has viewed an influencer’s content and decided to take an action as a result of it. Many influencer marketing platforms, including Sideqik, offer conversion tracking by generating individualized links for influencers to use.

Introducing Sideqik Conversion Tracking

Hello, it’s here and we think we haven’t made enough of a big deal about it. Have you been wanting to use trackable links with your influencer marketing but find UTM codes cumbersome? Does Google Analytics not mesh with the rest of your marketing reporting tools? In our ongoing quest to be a one-stop-shop for all things influencer marketing, Sideqik now tracks ecommerce purchases that were triggered by an influencer post.

How does it work?

Simply install Sideqik’s pixel code in the global header of your site (it’s easy, we promise). Have your development team install code on specific pages you want tracked, be it a checkout page, a landing page, or some other place that you want to know people are going. That feels like a lot of legwork, but once it’s up and running you can forget about it and have Sideqik do the rest of the work.

Now, when it’s time to activate your influencers, Sideqik will simply generate individual tracking codes for each one. Send your influencer their link and sit back and relax.

The dashboard will show you how many conversions have been driven and what revenue was generated. This is broken down by influencer, which can help you determine who you want to work with in the future.

conversion tracking dashboard

It’s not just purchases

Sideqik can track many kinds of events with different values, more than just purchases. Want to know when someone has viewed a page, completed a lead form or registration, initiated checkout, added something to their wishlist? We support all of this.

Why trackable links matter

Tracking links and URLs are commonly used in marketing as a means of determining the effectiveness of marketing activities and campaigns. Without a tracking link, it’s nearly impossible to determine where the traffic on your website is coming from. If you’ve ever wondered why your traffic increased, where your latest customers came from, or the effectiveness of a marketing promotion, tracking links can help.

In influencer marketing, this becomes even more important, because you’re often comparing multiple influencers against each other. Like everything, you want to be streamlined and only pursue the most effective influencer and channels.

When you’re spending time and money on influencer marketing for your business, you want to know what works. Using conversion tracking allows you to see the direct impact of your influencer marketing program. And conversion tracking with Sideqik saves you the time of having to dig through data on other analytics platforms.

Do you use tracking links in your marketing? Let us know in the comments! Also if you want more tips on how to measure ROI in influencer marketing, download our ebook “Measuring Success in Influencer Marketing.”

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