From Micro to Mega: Understanding influencer marketing

In marketing campaigns, not every influencer is created equal. Reach is a key statistic to success, but bigger doesn’t always mean better. While that A-list celebrity or premier athlete will attract many more eyes to your product, a more niche influencer has a better chance of making an authentic connection with potential customers and earning their trust. 

Finding the right balance between overall reach and that emotional connection that an influencer can make with their followers can be tricky. Building the right influencer strategy for your brand can be as unique as identifying your own fingerprint. Let the experts at Sideqik help you figure out whether that big name is better aligned with your goal, or a field of smaller niche influencers is more your style using our Discovery tool.

You can also check out our guide to building a scalable, repeatable, predictable revenue engine through the right mix of influencers.

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