How to Choose the Right Twitch Streamer as an Influencer

If you’re not already looking to reach gamers as a demographic with your advertising, you should consider adding them. It’s an increasingly diverse demographic, with a growing amount of disposable income as gamers in 2022 can be any age or income level. And if you’re targeting gamers, the platform you should be focusing on is

But gaming is an ocean of possibilities when it comes to advertising, so you need to decide how to focus your searches. Here are a few factors that should be at the forefront when searching for Twitch influencers:

Genre. While content like travel, cooking, and music has been gaining traction, Twitch is still by and large a video game streaming platform. Research what kind of games your target audience plays, and find a streamer that caters to them.

Audience demographic. Make sure your product is something that’s interesting to that streamer’s audience. If you’re selling investment accounts, for example, a younger crowd probably isn’t the best fit. Likewise, if you’re selling athletic wear, consider focusing on a sports game audience over a shooter game audience.

Numbers. You want a streamer with a viewer count that makes the promotion worth your while. Look at their actual viewership, moreso than their follower count. 

Activity. You want a streamer that streams fairly regularly. Even if they attract a lot of viewers when they stream, the effectiveness of your campaign is limited if they only stream once or twice a week.

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