How to measure ROI in influencer marketing

Here at Sideqik, we believe in providing solutions. We’ve written a whole ebook because we find many of you are asking how to measure influencer marketing ROI. This ebook walks you through everything from goal setting, to defining a conversion, to how to track it. Below is a sample from our tips and tricks section. If you’d like to read the whole ebook, click here!

The struggle with influencer marketing is that it does not always yield clear results and conversions. While some conversions are easily tracked with special links or social listening, other require clear planning and work in order to effectively track them. So how do you make sure you’re always working toward success?

1. Set clear goals.

It’s important that you always engage with an influencer with a clear goal in mind. Otherwise, you won’t know what impact an influencer is having on your brand.

2. Track correlations

Even if you can’t track a conversion through links, make sure you’re linking action A (an influencer’s post) with action B (a conversion of some sort.) After setting your goals, define realistic timelines in which you plan to see results. For example, maybe you will attribute website views within one week of an influencer post to be connected to an influencer.

3. Use trackable links when possible

The easiest way to measure an influencer is through designated links. These show clear conversions where someone has viewed an influencer’s content and decided to take an action as a result of it. Many influencer marketing platforms, including Sideqik, offer conversion tracking by generating individualized links for influencers to use.

4. Provide personalized promo codes

If you can’t use a trackable link, consider offering influencers’ promo codes. That way whenever someone uses the code INFLUENCER2019 you’ll know their conversion was directly related to an influencer’s post.

5. Consider a #hashtag campaign

If you aren’t aiming for signups or purchases and instead are looking to create brand awareness, consider creating specific hashtags for your influencer campaign. Then listen online. If an influencer is asking their audience to post with a specific hashtag, you’ll want to see an uptick in use of that hashtag. Make sure it’s unique to your campaign, otherwise you’ll conflate it with other organic mentions of your brand.

For a more in-depth look at how to measure ROI in influencer marketing, check out our new ebook, which takes you step by step through the process of measuring an influencer campaign.

Emily Overholt

Emily Overholt

Emily Overholt is a writer and marketing manager for Sideqik. Previously, she dug into news of all types while working at the Associated Press in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, she's treating influencer marketing as her new beat. When she's not getting you top-notch content on influencer marketing, Emily is trying to make her dog famous on Instagram.

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