Influencer Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

Everyone who is on social media has seen someone, whether a friend or celebrity, who is endorsing some type of product or service. Most likely, you have encountered an influencer. From subscription boxes to clothing to makeup to gaming, influencer marketing is all over every social media platform and even website. 

Why has influencer and affiliate marketing become so popular?

Influencer and affiliate marketing has seen a boom in recent years. Social proof is often more effective than a company’s professionally-written advertising copy, and it is even more persuasive when combined with the endorsement of a likable person. 

There is a slight difference between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. Influencer marketing utilizes well-known/liked individuals to promote their products within their content. Whereas, affiliate marketing uses unique codes to track sales and other metrics and rewards the marketer with a commission.

Influencer + Affiliate Marketing gives you more bang for your buck.

By combining the two, you are pairing up influencers who are already committed to promoting your brand with affiliate links to drive leads and sales for your product or services. In today’s creator economy, you are rewarding the creator’s work on your brand’s behalf while also incentivizing their continued sales efforts. 

For companies that wish to build an affiliate influencer marketing program and grow brand awareness and lead generation, a bit of advanced work can help them start off on the right foot with their influencer marketing partners—increasing the likelihood of a more successful program and long-term relationship. Finding the right social media influencer or affiliate marketer for your brand can be time-consuming and challenging to know how an influencer’s social media platform will perform in a marketing campaign.

If your brand is interested in creating an affiliate influencer marketing program, or an entire affiliate marketing network, Sideqik’s discovery process makes it easy to understand all of the components and identify the right partners to help you grow your brand. 

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