Influencer Marketing Roundup: Last week’s top headlines

Here at Sideqik we’re committed to keeping you informed about the top news about influencer marketing. Below are some of the big headlines we identified last week.

YouTube targets livestreamers and gaming with latest update

YouTube is rolling out new features aimed at taking on video game streaming sites like Twitch. YouTube Live has announced new features including measures aimed at addressing latency issues and improving chat moderation. The question is, will it help the service overtake its competitors? Read more at Polygon.


What you need to know about FTC compliance when it comes to influencer campaigns 

The Federal Trade Commission announced today that it has taken action against social media influencers who failed to appropriately disclose their relationship with a company. On the blog this week, we break down what the FTC is asking for and how to stay in compliance with those guidelines. Read more here.

How influencers help develop and test trail running products

Outdoor sporting goods company Salomon isn’t just using influencers to preach the benefits of trail running, it’s also listening to their feedback to help create better gear. Salomon’s Brand Manager Julia Schehl talks about the company’s strategy in this interview with ISPO.

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Emily Overholt

Emily Overholt

Emily Overholt is a writer and marketing manager for Sideqik. Previously, she dug into news of all types while working at the Associated Press in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, she's treating influencer marketing as her new beat. When she's not getting you top-notch content on influencer marketing, Emily is trying to make her dog famous on Instagram.
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