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Introducing Blog Support For Influencer Marketing on Sideqik

Before there was Facebook, before Twitter and “micro blogs,” before there were Instagrams and vlogs, there were bloggers. Blogs still make up a huge part of the influencer space, be it DIY, motherhood, fashion, food, or any other vertical, there are many use cases where you want an influencer with a blog to help support your brand. That’s why we’ve launched blog support for influencer marketing.

When looking at the greater ecosystem of influencer marketing, we’ve talked a lot about how authenticity is key. This is where longform blogs can come in. Instead of a paid product placement, or a long Instagram caption that may not be read, bloggers on platforms like WordPress and Blogger provide in-depth reviews and takes with your products. However, tracking the performance of blogs can be an arduous process. You typically rely on analytics provided by an influencer, which you then track through spreadsheets and manual labor. You know how we feel about that at Sideqik.

How it works

Sideqik’s blog support for influencer marketing lets you put a number value on blog activities, just like you would for a Tweet or a Facebook post. We automatically detect if an influencer has a blog, just like we would any other social profile. An influencer’s blog will show up alongside their other profiles everywhere we show social profiles and their blog posts will appear alongside their other posts. Beyond that, we’re able to track comments on blog posts and impressions of influencer blogs you’re working with.

Don’t see a blog you’re working with in our Discover engine? It’s easy to add profiles with only a URL. We’ve worked to make blogs as easy as any other social profile, so you don’t have to think of them as anything else.

Why it matters

Influencer marketing is only growing, and that means you need perfect placement for the most effective marketing strategy. With blog support for influencer marketing, we’re making it easier for you to get your brand in the perfect place.

This opens the door for more detailed analytics when working with more traditional influencers who will allow you to speak in a more detailed manner to your target audience.

This also allows you to market on multiple channels. Instead of just making sure your brand is appearing on social posts, you can tie in long reviews, use cases, and true testimonials. These blogs help build brand trust and engagement.

The Sideqik Difference

Sideqik is one of the only platforms that has blog support for influencer marketing. This gives you a more robust and accurate picture of your marketing activities. Meaning you know what’s working, all the time.

We’re committed to always being on the cutting edge of influencer marketing. This is just one more step in that direction.

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