New Feature: Earned Media Value (EMV) Updates

Exciting news from Sideqik today! Starting today, November 21, we will be updating the Earned Media Value (EMV). They will also be updated monthly moving forward. What does this mean for your brand? Read on to learn more about EMV and why it is important to your creator marketing campaign.

What is EMV?

EMV is a way to sum up the total value of how often your brand is mentioned by factors you don’t directly control or pay for. Think of it like a way to keep track of your digital word of mouth, and put a dollar value on your social media efforts. EMV focuses on the times your brand is mentioned on third party websites, TV, radio, social media, or other platforms. It can even include more specific metrics like forum posts and reviews if that matters to your brand. It works by assigning those dollar values to different efforts and actions made on social media and other marketing platforms that you didn’t directly pay for. 

What Can It Measure?

EMV is a fluid formula (hence the monthly updates). The most standard formula of EMV typically used is: impressions x CPM x an adjustable value. The adjustable value is where EMV can get tricky. What metric makes the most sense for your brand? You can use just about any value that makes sense. A few good examples of what you can use are: likes, story views, favorites,  followers, clicks, comments, and shares. 

Applying the Formula to Influencer Campaigns

EMV can be especially helpful to your influencer campaigns because it can help you measure the overall buzz that they’re creating for your brand. You can use a form of EMV to track how many interactions and engagement each post gets when your influencer mentions your product. It’s still challenging to track, since the effect an influencer can have on their followers’ buying habits is unique. Some people will buy your product simply because their favorite influencer promotes it, while others need harder facts to be persuaded. 

But the good news is that EMV’s value can make a huge difference even on learning what kind of content your audiences respond most positively to. Do they prefer photos or video? Product demos or reviews? Detailed information or just visuals? Then you can use that data and plan your next campaign to focus on what performed the best.

If you are already working with us, please contact your Customer Service Associate to learn how to update your account. If you are excited about getting started, you can reach out to our Sales Associates here and learn more about how we can help you get started!

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