Publishers and Brands Are Moving From Snap to Instagram Too?

Snapchat Continues to Feel the Pain as Publishers Migrate to Instagram


Last week, we talked about how Snapchat was giving influencers the cold shoulder and how many of them were migrating their content and audiences more and more to Instagram.

Today, we’ll look at how Publishers and Brands are feeling the same pains as they feel like Snap’s tools are inefficient for their needs as they create content to drive growth.



Retail is in a very tricky place to be right now. With brick-and-mortar shops struggling with the migration to eCommerce, traditional marketing methods have to be reimagined and perfected for their audience in order to drive growth.

Smaller brands are eating into large retailers’ revenues as they innovate and strike at the heart of consumers with cool, modern positioning through social media channels.


Dove and VaynerMedia See the Struggles of Influencer Marketing


As we tell all of our clients, understanding and engaging with the content influencers put out, before softly reaching out through multiple touches is the most genuine and effective way to land quality influencer partners.

Be professional and treat your influencers like the actual people they are, or their influence can be detrimental to your brand, as seen in this example.



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