The Process of Seeing an Increase in Your ROI with Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the absolute best plays you can make to see a long term boost in your ROI. But that’s the critical part to understand about it: the long term portion of it. Sure, making money is your ultimate goal. But influencer marketing isn’t usually an immediate cause and effect toward realizing that goal. We say usually because it can happen overnight, but don’t expect it.

Typically it takes somewhere between four and eight touch points to actually make a sale. Your influencer can play a huge role in this – hence the long term value – but it takes time to build to that. The key to building a successful influencer funnel for potential customers is to utilize influencers at every stage of the sales journey. What are these stages?

Awareness. Introduce your target audiences to your product and brand. Put yourself on their radar. This can be basic posts, unboxing videos, and other related content designed to pique interest.

Information. When you’ve got their attention and they know you, inform them why your product is the best choice compared to your competition. Product tutorials, reviews, and other content are the kind of content influencers can deliver here.

Conversion. This is the part where the sale happens. But there’s more to it than that. Before sealing the deal, utilize influencers to share promotions and other kind of deals to drive home that the consumer is getting good value. From there, sales will comes.

Not sure how to reach out to your perfect influencers? Here are a few tips.

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