The Top Halloween Candy Products This Season

Here at Sideqik, we love candy as much as anyone else. As you might imagine, Halloween is essentially the Super Bowl for candy companies. So every brand works on the new wacky, cool, or innovative product to grab eyeballs as everyone goes to the store to find fun new treats for those trick or treaters. Here are a few of our favorites that hit the shelves this year.

M&M’s Mad Scientist Mix

Do you like all the flavors of M&M’s, but can’t decide what to give out? No worries! This mad scientist blend includes every flavor from milk chocolate, peanut, and peanut butter. That way, fans of every type of M&M are covered in every bag.

Twix Ghoulish Green

No, Twix didn’t do anything radical with their candy bar that just about everyone enjoys. All they did was change the color of the cookie inside to a fun neon green color to match the season. Sometimes, it’s the smaller touches that can really stand out. 

Dylan’s Dares You Tackle Box

Looking for something a little more adventurous than just a different color or combination of candy? Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you hanging. Dylan Lauren, of Dylan’s Candy Bar, hand picked these candies as a dare to get anyone out of their comfort zone. Everything from Jelly Belly Beanboozled Mix, to Chicken and Waffle Salt Water Taffy, to Kale hard candy can be found here. Yes, we said Kale. A Kale candy exists, and it is in here. If you want to challenge your comfort zone, look no further. 

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