Top Halloween Influencers This Season

Halloween is only a week away at this point, and party season is ready to begin. That means that if your brand is into anything spooky – whether it’s decor, food, costumes, or more – it’s prime time for influencers to show off the value you can bring to any consumer’s Halloween. Today we’ll share an example of how Sideqik can easily quantify the impact an influencer can have on social media by showcasing a few top influencers this season.

Macy Blackwell: 

Macy Blackwell is an influencer that focuses on home decor, style,and easy recipes that anyone can do for their family or friends. So naturally, the holiday season is when her content really starts to hit the perfect notes for a wide audience. Although her total audience reach is 2 million between her TikTok and Instagram, her total engagement related to Halloween is actually over 8 million total engagements in the past 90 days. She also rates a high authenticity score and a G Brandsafe rating, making her content accessible for any audience.


AiveeKate is a makeup influencer that specializes in using makeup and cosmetics to recreate the looks of different characters. Those characters can range from the Teletubbies to the Jigsaw killer from the Saw series of horror movies. With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to see how her content ties easily into the Halloween season. Her Halloween related posts boast over 10 million total engagements, with an average EMV of over $150,000. 

Rob Landes Shorts: 

Rob Landes is a violinist specializing in “short” versions of songs that blow the minds of his listeners. During the Halloween season, he has ramped his content by tying it into the scores of iconic horror movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th. He also does covers of iconic video games like Pokemon and Doom, while cosplaying for the occasion. His content is a natural fit for platforms like TikTok and Instagram, but he actually boasts his large following on Youtube. His Halloween posts have a smaller reach than some of the other influencers we’ve mentioned with only 4 million, but his EMV averages over $200,000, making him an easy bet for brands to work with.

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