and Why You Should Consider Creators on This Platform

Twitch is synonymous with live streaming and gaming, but it has also become a popular destination for creators across various industries. Given that the platform claims over 15 million daily active users, it’s no wonder.

With such an engaged audience, it’s easy to see why brands are flocking to Twitch as a top pick among marketing channels.

Four reasons Twitch is an excellent creator marketing channel:

  1. Users are highly engaged and spend about 95 minutes watching live content each day.
  2. The platform has a strong sense of community, making it easy for creators to build long term relationships.
  3. The chat feature allows creators to interact with their audience in real-time. Audience members can ask questions and share feedback or product ideas directly with the creator. The chat feature can also be used by creators to share links to brand promotions or products.
  4. In addition to sharing live videos, Twitch creators can create highlights of their best moments and post them as clips that can be downloaded or embedded on other social media channels. They can also host archived streams that were previously recorded and shared live.

See how one gaming company had over 700 creators apply to become content creators.

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