Why Influencer Marketing?

The plain and simple answer to that is that the social commerce industry is predicted to exceed $1 trillion in 2023. However, ads are a thing of the past – at least as your primary or sole source of marketing. Utilizing influencers is the most effective way to get your product in front of more eyes. In addition, people are more likely to purchase from someone who they have grown to trust because of the relationships formed via social media. Influencer marketing can help you spread brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive engagement.

In many cases, influencers will create content around your products or services and then distribute it to their audience. Today’s consumers are savvy and don’t always respond well to traditional advertising efforts. By the nature of their content, influencers are generally more authentic than sterile, carefully crafted traditional ads. Their content is more raw and improvised, which feels more sincere and honest than anything scripted. This more honest connection with their audiences can lead to more genuine connections with their audiences. 

As a result, their followers are more likely to listen when those influencers introduce them to a product or service. They trust their favorite influencers to only share products with them that the influencer themselves would use, which can lead to higher conversions from those audiences. 

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