How Wrong Are You About Modern Gamers ?

Sideqik is involved with some big names in gaming. So it’s probably no surprise that a lot of Team Sideqik loves video games, including the ladies. In fact, a majority of the girls in our office would consider video games a regular hobby. Surprised now? Also, think about this… we are an office full of professionals, our average age is well over the teens, so we aren’t kids here. When we thought about it like that it was pretty eye-opening, especially considering that most people don’t see either of those demographics as the typical video game audience. We decided to dig into the data and statistics online to get the facts. What we found changed our strategy in the gaming world going forward and will probably change yours as well.

Check out our infographic below to see how wrong you are about modern gamers and feel free to copy the embed code underneath for your own use.

Modern Gamers

Infographic by Sideqik – the platform e-commerce sites use to grow with marketing partners


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