Introducing Instagram Stories Analytics

As social media continues to evolve, the way people post and engage with influencers is changing. Instagram Stories has attracted more than 400 million daily users and changed the way people share and consume things online. Some 31 percent of Instagram users post a Story every month, according to a recent survey from RBC Capital, up from 21 percent a year prior. And 47 percent of users watch them at least weekly, up from 32 percent a year ago.

That means there’s a high likelihood your influencer is highlighting your product in a story in addition to a post. Sideqik wants you to be able to track that, so we now pull Instagram Stories and metrics on stories for influencers you work with into your My Influencers tab on Sideqik.

instagram stories

When it comes to metrics, we sample them twice: once when we pull the story initially, and once more shortly before the story expires. This ensures our final impression and engagement counts are as accurate as possible. What are the metrics we track? We know the exact impressions, the unique impressions, also known as reach, and replies.

Why Instagram Stories Matter

Instagram hasn’t released user data around stories, but outside studies suggest people are engaging more with the app as a result of the new feature. Instagram’s Android users in the U.S. spent more than 53 minutes per day using Instagram in June, according to data from SimilarWeb. That’s almost double the 28 minutes per day those users were logging a year earlier. That can’t be directly linked to Stories, but it’s likely a major contributor.

People are constantly evolving in how they work with social media, and Instagram stories is a part of that. You want to get your product in front of an engaged audience, where they naturally live. And now Instagram Stories is a part of that. Time to change your social strategy.

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