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Super Tip Tuesday: Cyber Monday Edition

Sideqik knows all our digital marketing buddies are gearing up for Cyber Monday this week. Our Super Tip Tuesday is just for you guys. We will be posting a two-part Super Tip series this week focusing on our tips to help you earn some serious revenue. Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year so we dug into our data, consulted our experts, and came up with seven tips that can help you earn some serious revenue on Dec. 1.

1.) Focus on your top three products

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What you really can’t afford to do with Christmas coming quickly is spread your resources too thin. We suggest picking your most popular products to go all out optimizing and promoting for Cyber Monday. Now, you might have an idea of what your target market is looking for, but it is always a good idea for you to quickly back up your instincts with actual data. Find your top sellers by reviewing product conversion rates.

2.) Perfect those product listings


With the conversion rates calculated, it’s time to optimize your top-selling product pages. Here’s a checklist to help your product listings make it to perfect status:

  • Write descriptive product names
  • Create your product descriptions with details that consumers won’t want to miss out on
  • Have detailed eye-catching photos to use in your social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Think about including a video demo

These details give consumers a better idea about the item and allow them to buy without a doubt in there mind. You can also gain customer trust through product reviews and social proof from actual customers.

3.) Make the checkout process easy, flexible and fastonline-shopping-parks-and-rec

So your awesome products have grabbed their attention, now it’s time to convert shoppers into buyers by optimizing your checkout process. In today’s modern society people expect to be able to pay in a variety of ways and quick. Credit cards are a no-brainer, but you should also definitely be using digital payment solutions like PayPal, Visa Checkout, or Google Wallet. These payment solutions are being used by the young and the wealthy, which are both great markets to target. It’s also important to keep the checkout process painless by limiting clicks, pages, and information needed from the purchaser. Remember to always add trust indicators to ease the worries of the consumer too since no one wants to question whether their financial information is being compromised.

These three tips should get your digital marketing strategy rolling for Cyber Monday. Tune in tomorrow to receive the next four steps for boosting your online shopping revenue.

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