How DXRacer is using influencers to build brand trust

At Sideqik, we work with some of the top brands in influencer marketing. So we know, when it comes to best practices, why not ask the best? We sat down with Mitch Alpiner, Social Media Specialist at DXRacer to learn how they’re using influencers to engage with their audiences. Sideqik: How does DXRacer approach influencers? […]

The Value of Sponsorship in Gaming — Sideqik Data

value of sponsorship

Everyone knows that one way to get increase brand visibility is to sponsor events that are relevant to your audience. But do you know what returns are you really getting from those dollars? We here at Sideqik believe in using data to back all assertions up. So what is the value of sponsorship? We crunched […]

Counter-Strike’s YouTube problem and what it means for gaming influencers

value of sponsorship

YouTube paid a pretty penny to have exclusive display rights for the ESL Pro League, an elite collection of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, but numbers show the move may not be paying off. The site esportsranks reports that viewership on Pro League matches has declined compared to previous years when the league played on […]

The $1bn eSports Industry

esports industry

Organized video game competitions, or eSports, are quickly growing into a major segment of the electronic entertainment industry. Coca-Cola, American Express, and Samsung are just a few of the major corporations that  are already getting involved in the eSports industry and some, such as Intel, are hosting their own global tournaments. We have been working with […]