How to Use Your Customer’s Voice to Create Powerful Content that Converts

Websites for reviews

By Jordan McElwain Have you ever wondered what people did before the digital and social age — before we were able to go online and see the reviews for a restaurant or product before spending our hard-earned money on something that won’t do the job? Word of mouth marketing isn’t a new concept, but it […]

Analytics Can Revolutionize Your Business

Let’s Talk Business. We live in the digital age. As a small business owner, you have your fancy website. You also have an extensive email list. Sometimes, you write an inspiring newsletter. Your millennial assistant is even on top of your social media! What more could you ask for? (Here’s a hint: it’s analytics.) You almost […]

6 Simple, but Effective Lead Generation Tips

6 Simple, but Effective Lead Generation Tips

You have an established audience but you’re not generating more leads like you want. We’ve been there and we’re here to tell you that you don’t need a degree to improve lead generation. Check out these 6 effective lead generation tips to get you started on improving your leads. 1. Your Email Signature I bet you […]

Build an Email List Part 2: Failure

So you reached out to your social media audiences, provided incentive, and added a sense of urgency. You built it and no one came. What happened? Where could you have gone wrong? We hate to say it, it’s not me, it’s you. Wait, can’t we still be friends? Let’s just talk it out, ok? Just […]

Build an Email List Part 1: The Chase

  Currently, there is a lot of talk among people proclaiming that email marketing is dead or a thing of the past. We couldn’t disagree more. Qualified email subscribers are as good as gold because these are the people that often lead to sales. What is a thing of the past is bad email marketing. No […]

Is Your Email List Even Worth Anything?

Email. For friends and family, it’s an efficient way to keep in touch. For marketers, it’s an effective tool to get your brand’s message out. And for most, it’s the annoying reason your iPhone vibrates every three and a half minutes. As we near the end of 2014, there’s no doubt email is an essential […]

How To Create A Brand Ambassador

Brand Awareness

Taking advantage of brand ambassadors is an easy, effective marketing strategy that is often underutilized. What Is A Brand Ambassador? In simple terms, a brand ambassador is exactly what you are looking for. A brand ambassador is a loyal customer, partner, or employee who promotes your products, services, and activities publicly. They will associate with your […]

A go-to marketing strategy


Did you know that developing marketing strategies is key to the organization of any business? Many of my fellow marketers know what I am talking about. But for those of you who might need a refresher or even an introduction to what marketing strategies are and what they do, I encourage you to read on […]

5 Ultimate Highlights from Google Webmaster Help Videos to Improve SEO Ranking

So you’re looking for the best tips on how to improve SEO  — otherwise known as search engine optimization — rankings for your website, well you have come to the right place. We have compiled the best tips from Google’s Matt Cutts’ help videos. The self-proclaimed gadget, Google, and SEO guru creates Google Webmaster help videos […]

Tips on Engaging Your Facebook Audience

So you want to increase post views on Facebook? Who doesn’t? It is not necessary to pay for ads in order to gain a social following. Rather, increasing brand awareness and ultimately your ROI is all about engaging your audience. So let’s get creative with some audience engaging ideas. There are plenty of articles on […]

Web Performance Basics for the Marketing Team

While it’s obvious that a slow website can be frustrating to your users, you may be surprised at just how big an impact site performance can have on your sales and lead conversions. In this post, we’re going to share research that provides quantifiable guidance on just how big an impact your site speed can […]

How to choose the right email service provider for your e-commerce marketing

How to choose the right email service provider for your e-commerce marketing

Email marketing is often advertised as being a low-cost, high-return marketing investment. However, picking the wrong email service provider or acquiring poor quality email addresses can cost you thousands of extra dollars per year. At Sideqik, we often help customers improve the quality of their email lists as well as the potential customers they acquire, […]