Tips on Engaging Your Facebook Audience

Sideqik-Blog--- Increase Facebook-EngagementSo you want to increase post views on Facebook? Who doesn’t?

It is not necessary to pay for ads in order to gain a social following. Rather, increasing brand awareness and ultimately your ROI is all about engaging your audience. So let’s get creative with some audience engaging ideas.

There are plenty of articles on the internet geared toward engaging your social audience. Searching “engaging social audiences” will provide countless links to tips and helpful lists.

But the real secret to engaging your audience on social is, wait for it…provide engaging content!

I know, shocking right?

So now you are probably thinking, “duh, but what is engaging?”

That is up to you. You know your audience, or at least you should, and you are, therefore, the best person to determine the specifics that will be engaging to your audience.

That being said, there are still some great general guidelines to follow that will increase your 2014 engagement. Each tip is a link to a tweet – click your favorite tips and share them with your Twitter friends.

Don’t be self-centered.

If you only talk about yourself, your audience will know exactly what to expect from you and there is a good chance they will get bored and stop engaging. Mix it up. You definitely should provide content about yourself but try only making every 10th post about you. Need other content? This is a great place to highlight your marketing partners and the other brands you have relationships with. Check out Who can I Partner With? for marketing partner ideas.


Tagging yourself, members of your team, your friends or anyone else, offers more opportunities for your post to be seen. Increasing your clicks/interactions will help to get you ranked higher on Facebook resulting in your posts being seen more in the News Feed. Go viral!

Encourage interaction.

Ask questions that people will actually respond to. When someone actually takes the time to respond to your post, the odds of them remembering you, talking about you, and interacting with you again are greatly increased. Don’t forget to reply to any comments you receive and tag them in the reply.

Remember to post.

People cannot engage with you if they do not know you exist. Posting regularly increases the number of post impressions (the number of people who see your post). Try posting at least three times a day.


Offer a prize to people for interacting with you on Facebook. Ask users to like you on Facebook or post about you. This is a great way to get new Facebook likes and increase engagement. Sign up to get more information about running a promotion to enhance your social following.
As a reminder, these are general rules and you should test each one to see what works best for your audience. For additional tips check out Rules of Engagement: Why, How, and 5 Budget-Friendly Tools to Help Along the Way and Social Media Outreach Tips: A Word to the Wise.

Now go get social!

Engage your Facebook Audience

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