How Complexity Gaming Uses Sideqik to Elevate Player Recruitment

Esports is a growing industry. As more consumers are turning to digital media and online channels to connect with people around the world, brands must adapt their strategies to include the new ways people are consuming media. In the world of esports, this means incorporating influencers into their existing social media and digital media plans. For Complexity Gaming, influencer marketing has elevated their strategies to new heights–by incorporating new forms of vetting potential players for team recruitment, and more.


Complexity Gaming is one of the longest standing esports organizations–and is recognized as a global leader in modern esports. With a focus on competitive gaming titles such as Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Madden NFL and more, Complexity is also one of the biggest professional teams in America. Similar to how sports organizations approach sponsored partnerships and brand deals, esports organizations are venturing into influencer marketing to elevate their strategies to the next level. For Complexity Gaming, finding influencers and potential players for recruitment offers a large area of opportunity for future success. In order to achieve these goals, Complexity uses Sideqik to keep their influencer marketing information in one place while accessing important metrics needed to inform future social media strategies.


As the esports industry continues to expand, so do the amount of available competitive players in the world. To stay ahead of the competition, Complexity needed a way to track social media metrics of their current influencers and players, while vetting potential teammates by their growth potential. In addition to word-of-mouth discovery, Complexity uses Sideqik Discovery to find which influencers or players are gaining more traction in the gaming sphere. 

By focusing on the reach, engagement and demographic of potential players, Complexity is able to predict growth projections and make informed decisions about who to partner with. According to Jeneleen Fontabla, the Social Media Manager at Complexity Gaming, Sideqik heavily influenced the brand’s ability to vet influencers for recruitment.

“Sideqik has been really impactful in recruitment, seeing an influencer’s metrics and overall potential from a data perspective. Through Sideqik, we’re able to break down audiences, connect more deeply with brands that align with our vision and more.” 

Overall, Sideqik connects Complexity to players and influencers within their ideal parameters. From a discovery standpoint, Complexity is able to view influencers by their type of audience, reach and previous growth patterns to vet potential additions to their teams. These informed decisions allow Complexity to increase their success in the world of esports with partners that best fit the Complexity brand. From a technical standpoint, Sideqik’s easy-to-use interface allows Complexity to focus on other areas of interest. By utilizing a clean and efficient platform, Complexity is able to save time, energy and money on their important deliverables.

Of the platform as a whole, Fontabla says: 

“In addition to optimizing our social media offering, Complexity uses Sideqik in a variety of ways–from recruitment to partnerships and on overall brand. Showcasing our work has never been easier! Sideqik’s platform is user friendly, reporting is a breeze, the document output is beautiful and well beyond your average spreadsheet. Sideqik has been a tremendous addition to our operations.”

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Maria Lewczyk

Maria Lewczyk

Maria Lewczyk is the PR and Content Specialist at Sideqik. As a digital media maverick, Maria has years of experience in copywriting, publicity, social media, branding strategy, marketing and advertising. As a creative professional, Maria likes to use storytelling to help brands communicate their message and connect to people on a deeper level.

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